Wonderful Worlds

First ever medal for Latvia!
First ever medal for Latvia!
Canada is golden!
Canada is golden!

Wow. What a fun Worlds. I have to say I was pretty unimpressed by the seeming B-Grade team Canada sent to the Worlds… They had a few suspect games and at times struggled to score but… as with a lot of tournaments, just get into the medal round (hello Florida Panthers). Canada saved their best hockey for the end. Goaltending stepped up, offensive did its job and the defence was solid. Frankly, I didn’t think they could do it. I guess that is why you play the games. It is remarkable as well for the other teams in the top of the standings. Germany?? Playing for gold? Latvia with a bronze? The Swiss taking the top slot in qualifying? There are getting to be fewer and fewer easy games at the Worlds. The competition is impressive. Tip of the hat to the Latvian fans, you guys are nuts, congrats on the medal!

We started watching Fubar. It is pretty solid. Some great characters, action and dialogue. I think we are close to burning through a season.

I’ve been playing a bit of Battle Brothers. Jez its tough.

Watched bdot run Snoogu in some ratting events this weekend. It is pretty interesting stuff. All dogs (and handlers) are not created equally. They had great runs until Snoogu realized I was there and became really distracted… Oh well. It was practice runs anyway. She did great when focused. (There was a high level meeting to discuss the spelling of “Snoogu”… since this spelling was ordered on a collar it has been adopted as the official spelling henceforth.) The baked goods from Terra Cotta Country Store are obscenely good.

We got some more flowers and plants for the yard today.

So this year’s Cup final will be the Knights vs. the Panthers. (bleck) Go Panthers! Sadly the Stars went out with a whimper last night. *shrug*

I only have Windows on one device now (and that is only for Zwift)… I’ve put Pop! OS on both of my laptops and recently on my Surface Go!… Not surprisingly, the Go! seems to run better on Linux. I was impressed that everything seems to run ‘out-of-the-box’… I’ve read the camera may not work but I don’t use it so I don’t really care. Wifi, keyboard backlighting, screen resolutions all worked as expect… The default screen resolution had the zoom set to 200% probably because it is such a physically small device… *shrug* So, yeah, it is pretty awesome…I was hesitant to wipe Windows, but don’t be…so far it is great.

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