Fires across Canada

Nova Scotia fires
Nova Scotia fires

Ugh… massive fires are raging on both ends of Canada. They are common in Alberta and B.C. but tiny Nova Scotia on the east coast is also dealing with out of control fires. It is pretty sad to hear people losing their homes and all their possessions. Often in the panic to leave, it seems pets and livestock are forgotten. It is a pretty horrible situation. I hope they get rain in both provinces.

Our Summer plans are evolving quite nicely! We have a few nights booked at Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park and a canoe trip in Algonquin and hopefully a few trips to the SiL’s cottage. I hope the temps get reasonable… already at >30C this week. Bleck.

Had another great gaming night with PM last night. He is ruthless and loves his nukes (Civ 6). *whistles*

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